“Over the past three years, we have enjoyed using Dr. Capps for the orthodontic needs of our four children. Our kids look forward to coming in for their visits because they know the people here care about them as individuals. Not only do Dr. Capps and his staff have a high standard of excellence in their work, but they also create a positive, upbeat atmosphere that puts everyone at ease. They truly want the best possible outcome for their patients. As a parent, I appreciate Dr. Capps’s attention to detail and his willingness to communicate in a clear and caring way. I would highly recommend Dr. Capps to anyone looking for a great orthodontist.”

— Susan J.

“I do not know where to begin. I have a phobia when it comes to doctors, especially dentists. Last year I decided to get my teeth straightened, if possible. My dentist recommended Dr. Capps. I was terrified. But, much to my amazement, I was treated with the most gentle, caring staff. Dr. Capps also was caring. I told him I was not comfortable. But I knew I wanted help. He, Dr. Capps, was kind and his mannerism calmed me. Needless to say, after several visits, I knew I trusted them. I wanted help and Dr. Capps and all his staff were so pleasant, I kind of enjoyed every visit. Today I have beautiful straight teeth. I love my teeth. I highly recommend this orthodontist. My comment to them, if they can help a person like me, they could help anyone. Thank you, Dr. Capps and all your staff!. Blessings.”

— Ada Q.

“Since the very beginning, all the staff have been super nice and polite. I also really appreciate that they are always on time for my appointments. In the treatment area, they have a wall with inspiring quotes that I really enjoy reading every time I’m there. It’s hard to leave this office without feeling inspired! Not to mention, Dr. Capps is the best and will walk you through the best treatment options.”

— Paul L.

“I was impressed at my preliminary evaluation. There was no doubt I was in the hands of a professional. Three years later, after double jaw surgery and an implant, my bite and smile are a picture of precise perfection. I will always recommend Dr. Capps and his wonderful staff to those who need orthodontic attention.”

— Melody P.

“Dr. Capps and staff are the best! We have two children as patients and their office has that rare ability to mix professionalism with the warm atmosphere of visiting friends. They are simply wonderful!”

— Claudia M.